Expired Film // Singapore

Cities and Landscapes

About half a year ago, one of my dad’s colleagues passed me his old Contax T2. I found an expired roll of Kodak Gold 200 film in a cabinet and decided to practice some photography skills using the new camera and the expired film. This first photo is one I took on the way to a friend’s house near Thomson. We walked along the concrete pavement and I caught a glimpse of this motorbike hidden in the shade of a tree.


The next two photos are also in the Thomson area, the wall in real life is actually not pink at all, but rather orange! The mix between expired film and cheap processing resulted in a strange light pink colour while the blue sky was tinted almost green.


Shadows and light on hands. 


‘Orange’ wall in Thomson.




This photo was taken through the glass of the bus window on the way to Junction 8 Mall in Bishan from Thomson. The sun was just beginning to set and I thought that the orange detail on the buildings played nicely with the soft blue, almost purple sky. The processing and expired film resulted in an extremely faded image and the colours all muted. I actually really liked the reflection of the light in the window which appear as green/yellow streaks. They contrast the cloud trails in the sky nicely.