Bishan Park // Singapore

Cities and Landscapes

A few months ago (September) I went for a walk in Bishan Park at around 5 p.m. The sun’s quite good at this time, and the clouds were very nice. My dad was busy playing Pokemon Go (as was my mother) but I instead looked for nice photo opportunities. The HDB apartment blocks are also very nice and actually quite modernly designed. Wish the weather now would be like what the weather was like then. Now it just rains in the morning and the if the sky is this blue, it means that it’ll storm in the afternoon.


Deokjin Park // Korea Film


My parents forced me to go on an hour-long walk through a massive forest, something that I was quite annoyed about. Eventually, we finished and decided to take a cab to Deokjin park for a coffee. We wandered around the park first, coming across a large Lotus pond, where the Lotuses were only just starting to bloom (because it wasn’t blooming season yet.) In the spur of the moment, we decided to rent one of those ducks/swans that you power by pedaling.

Apart from the small spider in the raft, as well as the burning in my legs, it was a fun time. I managed to take some nice pond pictures from the raft.